KNOWLEDGE. As with anything knowledge is everything so included in this package is membership to a Celtic lead pagan E-library with has vast amount of information on all things of faith,spirit mythology and magic. The library has almost daily posts from "The Celtic Oracle"  as well as forums if you wish to talk with other is in the library.
As well as rare and old books in E-books to download are free.
If you are unable to download any of the E-books for whatever reason we can send them to you via snail mail on CD but extra charge does apply for this.
In the library is....

 1000s of free e-books to download updated often

BOOK OF a ebook format with spell and rituals included

PAGAN ARTIST SECTION.......if you are lucky to have the skill to write books there is a section to help you as well as for painters and other artists

ORIGINAL TEXTS....Download/print off our vast data database of copies of original texts some 1000s of years old
PICK A GOD OR GODDESS.... Which to know more about a certain God/Goddess then included in this package is data base of all the divine beings to help you with your quest.
LIFE AS A PAGAN......A section in the library on living a pagan lifestyle, or help if you are new to it
COMMUNITY....Why be alone??? included in the library is membership of our on line community with our own mini"face-book" area plus public and private chat rooms
Make new friends perhaps even meet that someone special
Also via our networks ways to find off line pagan groups
E-ALTER.....For what ever reason you can have a physical alter then why not a E-alter click on the link below to make your own E-alter
SHOP FINDER...... a locater to find pagan shops in your area or the nearest to you
SYMBOLS....... what is what does it mean we have a section to answer that for you.
Please not the books in the library are E-books downloadable to a E-reader or pc/laptop they are NOT PAPER BOOKS but can be printed off if you wish once you have downloaded them.
MERLIN'S MAGNIFYING GLASS......The search engines build by pagans for pagans with myth databases for research 
PAGAN PODCASTS...list of Celtic themed postcast and radio internet radio broadcasts

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